Like many other DJs deejay-d started in a commercial dance school. While he was playing at the Sunday-disco of this local renowned dance school at Mannheim, the first school-parties were just starting. When he was deejaying at "the party ´94” and "the party 2” with over 2,500 guests, one of the biggest school parties ever, he got noticed by the local clubs. So he got the first real booking in cafes and clubs around Mannheim.

In 1993, he launched the party-project "fun project” together with two other djs. The supposed objective was to make party with around 600 persons on a special and inexpensive way in changing locations such as castles, farmhouses or old factories. A highlight was the participation by a truck on the German "Love-Parade” 1993 in Berlin.

The first international job came one year later and was a four-week engagement at the island Korfu/ Greek for the German Youth Foundation. Simultaneously, he entered the local top-clubs and the first real big events. One of the most important events was the "Housefloor” at Ludwigshafen/ Germany, which was the first big House Rave in Germany. At this party he played his records beside world famous DJs such as "David Morales” or "Real 2 Real”.

This was followed by corporate events and gigs at big supra-local clubs like the "Paramount Park” near Darmstadt. In the year 2000, deejay-d played for the first time outside of Europe for an incentive event in Marrakech, Marrokko.

Today, the restless dj already is one of the very experienced ones. He is often booked by international companies and renowned agencies. Events, such as the event with the "Wheater girls” in the side of a trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany or onboard at the biggest sailing vessel worldwide in the Mediterranean Sea, are still something special for him...