In the past, the artist was saving a lot of experience as an organizer of big events up to 4.000 visitors and was working as a club-manager. Only in his time as a club-manager he was working together with global-players like "Sven Väth”, "Westbam” or "Blake Baxter”. On the Events side, his strength is to have a look for all those details, which fits to a real good party.

Deejay-d is able to present complete concepts including all aspects, like technology, security, catering, artists, or decoration. You are looking for a special DJ for your event? Deejay-D knows the profiles and the profession and he is competent to arrange the contact.

Known his possibilities, deejay-d is also able to get the required support by a renowned event-company, when necessary for really big projects.

Even within a short time the right solution can be found...